Raclette Box with Cheese Melter

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Serves 4 to 6.

Flavors and textures come together in Honey, Brie, & Me Grazing Boxes. Discover one delectable combination after another, with lovely pairings of cheese and charcuterie, accompanied by vegetables, nuts, fruits, and crackers, all meticulously chosen to highlight the subtle contrasts between each morsel.

This box contains:
Raclette Cheese
Charcuterie – prosciutto romancio. salami pepperoni. mortadella. grilled cheese hungarian sausage.
Accompaniments – steamed marble potatoes. green olives. cornichons. spinach or arugula. dried figs. walnuts. almonds. crackers. sliced mini baguette. truffle honey. rosemary sprigs. butterfly pea flower.
1 set Cheese Melter

Pre-order basis. Please allow 2 days lead time. Bulk and custom orders accepted.

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