Gabrielle’s Organic and Free Range Farm is not about cages and enclosures, but rather,
the freedom it affords our animals to move freely in a quiet and peaceful environment.

Gabrielle’s Organic and Free Range Farm is family-owned, and located in Sta. Maria, Laguna. With the Sierra Madre mountain range as its breathtaking backdrop, the farm boasts of large open spaces and lush greenery, perfect for animal roaming and grazing. Our animals are given only natural feeds, including corn, grass, root crops, legumes, and other fruits and vegetables. These are all free of pesticides, artificial hormones, and GMOs.

Apart from the land and its bounty, it is the men and women of this community who have made it possible for us to pursue our dream of alternative livestock farming. We are fortunate to have found like-minded individuals who share our vision, and with whom we work hand in hand to fulfill our goal of bringing better quality meat and poultry products to you.

At the core of our chosen livestock farming method is respect for the animals, the environment, and for people. On top of animal health and welfare, we are mindful of our use of energy and resources, and conscientious in our practice of responsible consumption. Ultimately, we wish to see the effort we put into environmental sustainability bear fruit, for the sake of our future generations.

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